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We are working on that now ! We send you a new one .po asap.
Dear french fellow countryman please take a look here :
and here :
Thanks Bernard !
I've just proposed some changes on the pad as well as comments on some
weird translations.

one of the worst one is definitely "epg scan timeout", it shouldn't
translate to "epg scan length/duration" in french ! :-)
Hi Syrius,

Sorry if I don't have a perfect French. By "Temps de mise à jour du guide (h)", I mean the time before the epg is updated. I agree, a more correct version would be "Temps *avant* mise à jour du guide (h)" witch is IMHO what this parameter is intended for. The user inactivity part is not mentioned in the original message, I don't see why it should be in the translation. For a standard user "Inactivité avant rech. EPG (h)" mean nothing IMHO. At least, the translation should mention that this is the *user* inactivity but even with that, I'm not sure a standard user would understand what this parameter is about.



the MANUAL file from vdr source tree should be giving most of the
explanations and contexts.
(et pourquoi ne pas commencer par la traducton du MANUEL ? :-))

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