On 12/02/2013 18:14, syrius...@no-log.org wrote:
Why the rush in willing to translate the po on your own then ?
and why the hell are you using this "sorry it's not my fault i'm not
perfect" kind of excuse ?
this bit is just the worst translation ever, deal with it ! (not
smiling anymore)
To end this useless discussion, it's sarcasm too. I can use a lot of IMHO myself. "sorry it's not my fault i'm not perfect" because it's easy to criticize *after* someone make some work. Sorry for non French reader, but there is a French expression far that (I'm not smiling too) : "inspecteur des travaux finis" ! At first, I take your comments and make some changes in my translation and try to discuss with you about what I disagree. But it seems you take my comments as a personal offense and I don't see any offense in my comments (?). Fortunately, there are smarter guys there who try to sort things out (Thanks Bernard).

It's not really a rush but the last French translation was quite old (2008) and the next stable release of VDR (2.0) is coming soon. You say you don't use French so it doesn't matter to you but not to me. My intend was to have at least a translation for this release even if it was not perfect. Before this, I haven't see anything here about the French translation and there was nothing in the dvbkivabien2 forum too.

I'm happy now because with this intervention, I'm sure there will be a French translation in the next release, mine or an other, I don't care !



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