together the plugins dvd and dvdswitch play titelsets and iso's nativly in vdr another (imho better) solution is something like yavdr does, if needed switching vdr in backround (still running, recording) and use the frontend with xbmc (also has iso support), depending on the system age switching the frontend between vdr and xbmc only takes seconds
xbmc is also pretty good for any type of media (i.e. mkv)

On 26.02.2013 03:51, Peter Münster wrote:

I've just installed a new VDR-system with xineliboutput
(openSUSE-packages), and now I'm looking for a possibility to watch
DVD-images with best integration into VDR.
Unfortunately the media-player of xineliboutput crashes often and does
not select automatically the main-film.

I don't need DVD-navigation, just an easy possibility to chose language
and subtitles (as in smplayer).

Which one of all the plugins (vdr-play, vdr-dvd, externalplayer,
mplayer, etc.) could do the job please?
(I've just tried vdr-play, but no success...)

TIA for any hints,

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