On Tue, Feb 26 2013, Lars Bläser wrote:

> together the plugins dvd and dvdswitch play titelsets and iso's nativly in vdr
> another (imho better) solution is something like yavdr does, if needed
> switching vdr in backround (still running, recording) and use the frontend
> with xbmc (also has iso support), depending on the system age switching the
> frontend between vdr and xbmc only takes seconds
> xbmc is also pretty good for any type of media (i.e. mkv)

Is it possible with either of those 2 solutions to get the following
sequence with the remote control:
- go to some menu for playing DVDs
- select folder/iso-file with copy of DVD
- press "play"
- main film starts
- go to some menu for subtitle selection
- go to some menu for audio language selection

And it would be useful too, to have 6 buttons for moving
±10s, ±1m and ±10m.

TIA for any hints,

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