# vdr --version
Mar 13 09:52:26.599 [general.debug] using new 1.7.11+ capture code
vdr (1.7.40/1.7.40) - The Video Disk Recorder

# vdr --help
  -E FILE,  --epgfile=FILE write the EPG data into the given FILE (default is
                           'epg.data' in the video directory)
                           '-E-' disables this
                           if FILE is a directory, the default EPG file will be
                           created in that directory

Starting vdr with
# vdr -u vdr --cachedir=/var/cache/vdr --video=/var/vdr/video

Does create an epg.data file in the "cachedir" and not in the "video" dir as 
suggested by the help text.

Also what is the meaning of setting --epgfile=-E-
Does it disable creation of the epg data file completely? If not - what does 
the description "'-E-' disable this" refer to?

 - Magnus

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