On 13.03.2013 10:12, Magnus Sirwiö wrote:

# vdr --version
Mar 13 09:52:26.599 [general.debug] using new 1.7.11+ capture code
vdr (1.7.40/1.7.40) - The Video Disk Recorder

# vdr --help
   -E FILE,  --epgfile=FILE write the EPG data into the given FILE (default is
                            'epg.data' in the video directory)
                            '-E-' disables this
                            if FILE is a directory, the default EPG file will be
                            created in that directory

Starting vdr with
# vdr -u vdr --cachedir=/var/cache/vdr --video=/var/vdr/video

Does create an epg.data file in the "cachedir" and not in the "video" dir as 
suggested by the help text.

Originally there was only the "video" directory, but at some point
people demanded that VDR be able to spread its files all over the system,
and so a "cachedir" was introduced, which is where the EPG file is now put
(if a cachedir is specified).

Also what is the meaning of setting --epgfile=-E-

It'e either -E- or --epgfile=-

Does it disable creation of the epg data file completely?



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