Running vdr 1.7.41

I have previously seen this issue on earlier development snapshots,
but had simply ignored it as I was running development code. However,
as we near 2.0, I thought I might query it on the mailing list.

In my syslog I occasionally see an error related to my DVB-S frontend
attempting to tune to an unusually high frequency:

Mar 18 16:51:43 ion vdr: [11405] ERROR: frontend 2/0: Invalid argument
Mar 18 16:51:43 ion kernel: [153047.448733] DVB: adapter 2 frontend 0
frequency 89399000 out of range (950000..2150000)

There's no obviously bad entry in my channels.conf that would cause this:

$ awk -F: '/S28.2E/{print $2}' /etc/vdr/channels.conf | sort -n | uniq
| tr '\n' ', '

So I presume it is happening during a 'search for transponders' or an
epg update scan?

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