On 18.03.2013 17:08, Dominic Evans wrote:
Running vdr 1.7.41

I have previously seen this issue on earlier development snapshots,
but had simply ignored it as I was running development code. However,
as we near 2.0, I thought I might query it on the mailing list.

In my syslog I occasionally see an error related to my DVB-S frontend
attempting to tune to an unusually high frequency:

Mar 18 16:51:43 ion vdr: [11405] ERROR: frontend 2/0: Invalid argument
Mar 18 16:51:43 ion kernel: [153047.448733] DVB: adapter 2 frontend 0
frequency 89399000 out of range (950000..2150000)

There's no obviously bad entry in my channels.conf that would cause this:

$ awk -F: '/S28.2E/{print $2}' /etc/vdr/channels.conf | sort -n | uniq
| tr '\n' ', '

So I presume it is happening during a 'search for transponders' or an
epg update scan?

Maybe faulty data in the NIT?

You could start debugging this by adding some printouts to 
around line 133, where the transponder frequency is decoded.

I do have an LNB pointed at S28.2E, too, and my channels.conf contains these 


I never had the error message you've posted, though.

What kind of DVB adapters are you using?


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