Lucian Muresan wrote:
What about using this with non-systemd init, does it just work by
actually deactivating or rather replacing acpid?

Just execute the binary. It will work without any configuration.

The default behaviour is to fork to background (classic "Unix daemon").

If you want to run the daemon in foreground, then call it with the "-f" 

- I just had a quick look in the git repository, could not find a config
file sample, how should that look like?

So far, officially no config file is needed at all, but on my experimental dbus2vdr support has been tested and seems to work, so if you want to use it, create a config file like this:

# echo USE_DBUS=1 > /etc/vdrpbd.conf

- Could the command trigger pattern (the 4 presses on the power button
within a certain time) also be configurable in that config file?

I would prefer to not make it configurable, but this is a 0.x version, so if someone would prefer some other "emergency code" (more keypresses, shorter/longer time), then let's discuss about this.

My hope is, that if more than one distribution adopts this daemon, we'll have *one* standard way to emergency reboot a VDR system.

- Is it feasible to extend the functionality to one or two more patterns
to be able to issue different shutdown commands (like a custom
hibernation script for example)?

I think this should be done in the "" or some similar script, that gets called by VDR as soon as the short timeout, where you can still stop shutdown, is over.



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