On 14.04.2013 00:17, Tony Houghton wrote:
> On Sat, 13 Apr 2013 23:06:58 +0200
> "dplu (free)" <d...@free.fr> wrote:
>> Le samedi 13 avril 2013 21:48:44 Tony Houghton a écrit :
>>> Has eepg been updated to support Freeview HD and fix the memory leak?
>> Good question, eepg create it's own file on conf directory , not seen memory 
>> leak but did not spend my life on Freesat channels 
>> I report it works even for channels like ITV HD, Channel 4 HD or BBC HD on 
>> 28.2E, it is more simple than patching vdr itself (even with internal 
>> huffman 
>> coded tables)
> Yes, it worked well enough apart from the problems I mentioned above.
> But the original maintainer hasn't commented on those and apparently the
> code isn't in a very good state for someone else to take over.
> Someone raised the possibility of rewriting the patch as a plugin, which
> I would like, but I don't know how to write VDR plugins.

The current git version of eepg tends to crash on me at least one if not
twice a day with vdr-2.0.0, after it used to work well for several
weeks. I do not know what changed the behaviour, since I cannot find any
useful crash dump...
BTW, where is the most current freeview patch?


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