On 21.04.2013 18:11, Michael Smith wrote:

I've switched from DVB-S to DVB-T usb dongle with ITE9135 chipset and I'm 
trying to record an AVC channel.
I'm using VDR-1.7.27.

Every thing OK when I use VDR with streamdev plugin. In fact I've set my system 
to stream channels for more than 10 days. But after I create a timer to record 
my stream, VDR gives following messages and jumps out.

ERROR: video data stream broken
initiating emergency exit
emergency exit requested - shutting down

I'm sure signal is fine, as I said there is no problem with streamdev. Also I 
tried EPGScanTimeout=0 and EmergencyExit=0. Although it prevents VDR to jump 
out, but nothing is recorded.

I've tested VDR-1.7.37 and problem persists.

Any idea?

You may want to set

  static bool DebugFrames = true;

in remux.c and see whether VDR is able to detect the frame borders etc.


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