On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 9:39 AM, Lucian Muresan
<luci...@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
>> There's now experimental support for libxine, so you can use
>> xineliboutput with vdr-sxfe. See here;
>> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board18-vdr-hardware/board98-arm-co/118588-rasperry-pi-xine-plugin/
>> Google translate should let get the gist of details required to try it out.
> FYI, a note before bothering to try to translate the information:
> So far, the author didn't care to release any sources, so if you do not
> use the "right" distribution with exact matching libxine and libc on
> your raspberry, you're out of luck at this moment.
> However, he sort of promised to release sources at some point, but doing
> the way he does, feedback will be limited to those who can effectively
> try his blob, and he denies himself help from developer-skilled users,
> which means it can take some long time until his sources will be in
> shape so he accepts to release them...

Maybe a better solution would be to supply Rnissl or Johns a Raspberry
Pi to add support to vdr-xine/softhddevice respectively. It's easily
worth the $35 imo.

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