> Tv was turned on, and the channel that was running on had an interesting
> program running. The program was rewinded from the buffer to the
> beginning, and we started to watch it. Normally i pause recordings with
> the up/down keys, but in this case hitting up/down just changed the
> channel, and the buffer was lost (or not exactly, because the file
> existed on the HDD.. Here i had to manually dig out the file to be able
> to watch the program). So my point is to have an option to warn about a
> chanel-switch when you are actually watching from the buffer. If you
> don't watch fromthe buffer, then the channels should be switchable as
> normal.

I think that's how it already should work at the moment.
As long as you're watching live TV, you can just switch as normal.
As soon as you rewinded, you are in replay mode (just like if you
started watching from your list of recordings) and up and down
should not change the channel(*).
Did you change the key settings for replay mode?

That by the way is a little concern I've got with enabling the
rewind button from live TV. You would change from live watching
mode to replay mode, possibly without noticing it.

> >>   * Being able to rewind just by hitting the back/rewind button without
> >> 
> >> pressing Ok or something else first.
> > 
> > +1 IF the live buffer feature is turned on. If it's off, these keys
> > should retain their current behavior.
> YEs, of course :-)

If there's no live buffer, there wouldn't be anything to rewind into anyway... 


(*) and when switching, the redording is kept if the appropriate VDR setting 
for instant recordings is set.

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