Hi Folks,

i have the following setup:
- vdr 1.7.36
- pvr350-device with pvrinput- and pvr350-plugin
- a TechnoTrend (PCI) DVB-C device
- a Sundtek DVB-C USB stick

with this setup i have the following problem:
While watching live tv (of course in transfer mode) everything is ok. When
recording and watching with my pci dvb device everything is still ok. When
watching and recording with the usb stick (video directory is on an usb
hard disk), i am getting artifacts and "hanging" pictures (the picture
hangs for less than 0.2...0.3 seconds). The recordings on the hard disks
are ok.

Now i want to increase the delay from receiving to displaying the
dvb-stream => increase the pause while playing live tv.

I havn't found a way neigher in vdr nor in pvr350 ? Any idea ?

Reagards, Rainer
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