Unfortunately neighter i have a second usb root hub on my mainboard nor a
free pci slot for an usb card.
I solved my problem by storing the recordings on a SATA hard disc.

2013/8/12 André Weidemann <andre.weidem...@web.de>

> Hi Rainer,
> On 12.08.2013 16:28, Rainer Blickle wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> i have the following setup:
>> - vdr 1.7.36
>> - pvr350-device with pvrinput- and pvr350-plugin
>> - a TechnoTrend (PCI) DVB-C device
>> - a Sundtek DVB-C USB stick
>> with this setup i have the following problem:
>> While watching live tv (of course in transfer mode) everything is ok.
>> When recording and watching with my pci dvb device everything is still
>> ok. When watching and recording with the usb stick (video directory is
>> on an usb hard disk), i am getting artifacts and "hanging" pictures (the
>> picture hangs for less than 0.2...0.3 seconds). The recordings on the
>> hard disks are ok.
>> Now i want to increase the delay from receiving to displaying the
>> dvb-stream => increase the pause while playing live tv.
>> I havn't found a way neigher in vdr nor in pvr350 ? Any idea ?
> I'd assume your problem results from both devices being attached to the
> same USB Root HUB. If your mainboard has more then 2 USB ports try to
> switch devices to different ports.
> If possible try to record to an internal HDD or a NAS-Filer. See if this
> will "cure" the problem.
>  André
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