Perhaps a little off topic, but I wonder if anyone can shed any light on the following.

I am viewing a signal that is very close to reception threshold - dish a little small, STR value 65%, SNR value 67%, but BER and UNC errors as reported by femon are zero.

As long as I leave the femon plugin active on screen, I can view it uninterrupted. If I turn it off, within 60 seconds, the picture will disappear until I activate femon again.

Initally it will only show "SIGNAL" and "CARRIER" indicators active, then after a short period, everything will lock again and the channel will re-appear.

I am running the latest vdr version with a TT 6400 S2 full feature card, with latest drivers and firmware. Relevent drivers would be perhaps stv090x or stv6110x.

Channel parameters DVB-S2, symbol rate 15000 FEC 3/5 QPSK Video 35Mb MPEG2 1920 x 1080, Audio MPEG 270Mb



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