Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
On 25.08.2013 21:31, Richard Scobie wrote:

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
On 25.08.2013 05:32, Richard Scobie wrote:
Perhaps a little off topic, but I wonder if anyone can shed any light
on the following.

I am viewing a signal that is very close to reception threshold - dish
a little small, STR value 65%, SNR value 67%, but BER and UNC errors
as reported by femon are zero.

As long as I leave the femon plugin active on screen, I can view it
uninterrupted. If I turn it off, within 60 seconds, the picture will
disappear until I activate femon again.

Initally it will only show "SIGNAL" and "CARRIER" indicators active,
then after a short period, everything will lock again and the channel
will re-appear.

I am running the latest vdr version with a TT 6400 S2 full feature
card, with latest drivers and firmware. Relevent drivers would be
perhaps stv090x or stv6110x.

Channel parameters DVB-S2, symbol rate 15000 FEC 3/5  QPSK Video 35Mb
MPEG2 1920 x 1080, Audio MPEG 270Mb

Do you have both inputs of the TT-S2 6400 connected to satellite cables?
And is there actually a signal on both of them?

Hi Klaus,

I have three dishes with dual LNB's, with each LNB output going to two
4x1 diseq switches, feeding each tuner, so both tuners have the same
signals available.

As two whether the other tuner always has a signal present, I cannot
say for sure as my channel list has quite a number of itinerant feed
channels loaded, which are not always active, so vdr may well be
scanning  across empty channels on the second tuner.

Indeed, this channel I am having trouble with is one of those - a feed
from a motor sport event and is only there on certain weekends.

My somewhat uninformed thought was that perhaps femon's constant
polling for front end values was somehow causing a marginal PLL to
re-lock, vs the no femon situation where it looses lock on the weak
signal and does not reaquire it.

Well, VDR also constantly polls the frontend to see whether it is still

I'm afraid I'm out of ideas then...

Hi Klaus,

No problem, thanks for taking the time to reply anyway.



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