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Van : cedric.dew...@telfort.nl
Datum : 28/11/2013 22:17
Aan : vdr@linuxtv.org
Onderwerp : [vdr] start VDR without hardware for test and tutorial
Hi All,
I'm writing a tutorial on VDR for debian. To make the individual steps as small 
as possible, I would like to begin without any special hardware, just a normal 
It turns out VDR refuses to run when no DVB card is found. Is there a 
configuration option somewhere to let VDR run without hardware? Can I create a 
dummy DVB device somehow?
The guide (unfinished) is here:
Best regards,
My versions:
VDR 1.7.28
Debian 7.2.0 Stable (installed today)
The error in /var/log/syslog
No DVB device found
ERROR: invalid primary device number: 1
ERROR: no primary device found = using first device!
ERROR: invalid primary device number: 1
exiting, exit code 2
runvdr: stopping after fatal fail (vdr: no primary device found - using first 
Hi All,
For now I have stated in the tutorial it's not possible to start VDR without 
In the meantime, I have found virtualDVB. It looks like you can feed it video 
from VLC, and it then presents itself as a DVB device.
Does anybody has experience with this solution?
Best regards,
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