Hi all,

I've been using a Zotac ION board with Nvidia GPU as XINE player for SD and HD
for quite a while. The player is vdr-sxfe with "--video vdpau". This has
worked fine until recently, when the combo started to throw spurious errors
like (from the vdr-sxfe log): 

load_plugins: plugin /usr/lib/xine/plugins/2.0/xineplug_dmx_mngvo_vdpau: Can't 
create vdp device : unsupported GPU?
[5837] [vdr-fe]    fe_xine_init: xine_open_video_driver("vdpau") failed
Error initializing xine

Lately, this happens reproducibly every time I start vdr-sxfe. (I had to
switch to xxmc which works fine for SD programs but gives me a bit of stutter
for HD channels on the 1.6 GHz single core Atom.)

Any idea where I should look? Why might xinelib or vdr-sxfe fail to correctly
detect the ION (MCP79) chip when everything is unchanged? Yes I ran an apt-get
upgrade on the underlying Ubuntu 12.04.3 OS but this didn't change anything,


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