Am 06.01.2014 09:59, schrieb Reinhard Nissl:
> But this still seems error prone -- looks like a more complex solution
> is needed which keeps track of how often a transponder has been seen
> dead over a certain period of time before declaring these channels
> OBSOLETE (and later delete them automatically).
> I don't know if it is worth to extend the file format of channels.conf
> for that tracking, but at least in memory VDR could keep track of that,
> starting from scratch whenever VDR is restarted.

I have a little patch running doing exactly this, the patch just tracks
the last-seen timestamp within the running session, or the state 'not
seen in this session'. Load/save is not implemented, everything gets
reset at program start. Its a whopping 8-lines patch.

This is accompanied by a plugin that extends the last-seen time by
syncing with the patch data from time to time, and keep the time
together with the channel ID persistently stored in a separate file.

If a channel wasn't announced for a month, it gets marked as gone.
However, this doesn't differentiate why a channel wasn't seen, for
example because the machine was off for a longer time, or the required
receiver isn't connected.



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