For all, who wonder, where this change for vdr 2.1.3 comes from:

> - The Recordings menu can now be called with a cRecordingFilter, which allows 
> the
>   caller to have it display only a certain subset of the recordings

 here's the plugin, which uses it: recsearch


 It's a simple search for name, shorttext and description, the status 
(new/edited) and age of a recording.
 The main reason for me was to get a quick list of the new recordings of the 
last week.

 You can save various templates, organize them in categories and add a hotkey 
to them, so you can use something like

User1 @recsearch 1

 in your keymacros.conf to quickly execute a search.

 For vdr versions older than 2.1.3 there's a clone of the recordings menu of 
vdr 2.0.4 included, so you can use it for
the current stable release.

 Comments are welcome.


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