Am 21.01.2014 21:31, schrieb Joerg Bornkessel:
>> Hi,
> Thanks Lars,
> very usefull plugin :)
> some hints...
> can you please name your release tags with a proper name?
> i.e v0.2.2 > vdr-recsearch-0.2.2.tar.gz
> this makes it more clear, if you mirror the files in the WWW

 The tar.gz is generated by GitHub. Of course I could prefix the version with 
"recsearch-", but on other
git-web-platforms these kind of tags looks weird, see


 Actually the pure version number is the best tag, since then it can be easily 
used with git-buildpackage, see "the
other godfather" :)


 On my debian-branch I can just ran

 git-buildpackage -tc

 with the following gbp.conf (will add that to my git):

upstream-branch = master
debian-branch = debian

upstream-tag = v%(version)s

 Hm, writing this, of course I can configure git-buildpackage to recognize 
other version tags... should have omit the
'v'... :)

> in the untared package it should be named
> recsearch-0.0.2

 For the yaVDR Launchpad PPA I use:
 git archive --format=tar.gz --prefix=vdr-plugin-recsearch-0.2.2/ 

 With this you can do whatever you need with the tarball.

> I know, there is no standard, but a closer look over the shoulder how
> the godfather KLS himself it does, should be a good orientation :)
> the 2 files last.conf searches.conf should be handled in the vdr
> cache dir, not in the vdr plugins dir?
> else as you can the templates easy handle by the plugins colored
> buttons on OSD

 I decided to use the config-dir, because "cache-dir" sounds a bit "volatile" 
(a good place for e.g. epg.data which can
fully be rebuild) and the resource-dir should/may be read-only. And after all 
they are configuration files.

> anyway, this is crying on highest level ;)

 That's good. :)

> thanks

 I thank you for your comments.


> /dev/joerg

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