Hi all,

I've been happily using vdr-fritzbox for a very long time. Since the last
upgrade to Fritz!OS 5.50 and then to 5.53 (54.05.50 respectively 54.05.53) the
plugin cannot connect to the FBF any more. The log: 

Jan 21 10:10:58 seneca vdr: [2393] [libfritz++/FritzClient.cpp:210] logging 
into fritz box using old scheme without SIDs.
Jan 21 10:10:59 seneca vdr: [2393] [libfritz++/FritzClient.cpp:228] login 
Jan 21 10:10:59 seneca vdr: [2393] [libfritz++/FritzClient.cpp:317] sending 
callList request.
Jan 21 10:11:01 seneca vdr: [2393] [libfritz++/FritzClient.cpp:342] Exception 
in connection to - Could not connect
Jan 21 10:11:01 seneca vdr: [2393] [libfritz++/FritzClient.cpp:342] waiting 
3600 seconds before retrying

VDR and plugin are the standard versions in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS: 

ii  vdr                                1.7.22-1
ii  vdr-plugin-fritzbox                1.4.1-4        

didn't have an opportunity to check out later versions yet. Should that be
fixed by now? 


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