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Why not just dump the dvd iso and play it with the vdr-mplayer plugin?
Or vdr-play plugin is that supports playing iso's directly.

The problem with these is that my VDR box is not connected to the living room TV, other than via Ethernet. I do not want to play the files locally on the VDR box, but stream them to the built-in decoder on my TV.

MPlayer/MEncoder seems to be the easiest route for me, because it allows me to convert videos into MPEG2 PS files that my Samsung SmartTV will play off a USB-MicroSD card adapter, without requiring the VDR box to be switched on.

I just copied one DVD (donateware Lego animation Kastlevania IV) to SD card with commands like this:

mplayer dvd://2 -dumpstream -dumpfile Kastlevania4.mpg

The only problem was that the FAT file system on the SD card would limit the size of a single file to 1 byte short of 4 GiB. Not a big deal, I can split the movie into two files.

I also successfully converted an old VDR recording from PES to PS with the following command:

mencoder -idx -of mpeg -mpegopts format=mpeg2 -ovc copy -oac copy \
-o recording.mpg 0*.vdr

The -idx option seems to be important. All my previous attempts would lead to serious loss of audio/video sync (drifting a couple of seconds each minute). This time, I tried jumping around in the remuxed file, and the A/V sync was always perfect.

Last question: I have several hundred megabytes of recordings made in MPEG PES format. Is there some way to remux them into MPEG PS while preserving the VDR metadata, so that they can be both viewed on VDR and used 'as is' on other systems? I tried naming a PS file 00001.ps or 001.vdr, but neither file started to play.

I guess that for now, I will keep old recordings in PES format, because the PES files do play fine via the Samsung SmartTV plugin.


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