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Manuel Reimer <manuel.rei...@gmx.de> wrote:

> for most of the GB TV channels it is common to only have the current and 
> the next event in the EPG list.
> I did a few tries to work around this problem using EPG parsed from 
> internet services and imported to VDR via xmltv2vdr-Plugin.
> As this solution is a bit tricky and not very reliable, my question is, 
> whether there is a better solution to get "real" EPG for those channels?
> Thank you very much in advance

I guess you're using satellite because there was never a problem with
the SD channels on DVB-T (Freeview). The eepg plugin supports Freesat
and Sky's EPGs, but it has a memory leak and doesn't support Freeview
HD, so instead I use a patch which various people have tweaked over
time. I can't find a web download site for it or when it was last posted
on this list, so if you're interested and others don't mind a 225K
attachment I can post it here again.

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