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> The author of the EEPG plugin has always been very helpful. You should
> just contact him about adding Freeview HD support. Then you won't have
> to monkey around with patches and messing with the VDR core.

I think concensus is that the patch's code is cleaner than the plugin's.
I looked at the plugin code to see if I could work out how to make the
Huffman decoding work on standard PIDs for Freeview as well as on
Freesat's non-standard ones, and found it too difficult to follow. The
original author might not have so much difficulty, but there's also
quite a big memory leak which somehow defied my efforts to trace it with

I use the Debian packages, so all I have to do when there's an update
(rare at the moment because it isn't tracking Klaus' "developer"
versions) is ftech the source with one command, copy the patch into the
patches folder and compile it with another single command. The hardest
part is generating the command to install just the packages I want and
miss out the others :-).

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