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> > I think concensus is that the patch's code is cleaner than the plugin's.
> > I looked at the plugin code to see if I could work out how to make the
> > Huffman decoding work on standard PIDs for Freeview as well as on
> > Freesat's non-standard ones, and found it too difficult to follow. The
> > original author might not have so much difficulty, but there's also
> > quite a big memory leak which somehow defied my efforts to trace it with
> > valgrind.
> I mentioned this thread to him yesterday. He gave a quick look but
> needs someone with access to Freeview HD to provide debug logs & test
> since he doesn't have that provider. Also, I've been using the latest
> git of EEPG for some time and haven't noticed any big memory leaks.
> When is the last time you've tried this plugin?

Is he aware that the only difference is that Freeview uses the standard
EIT PIDs? If he changes the plugin so it can detect and decode Huffman
(there is a marker byte or pair of bytes at the start of every string)
no matter which PID the data is from, hopefully he should be able to at
least confirm for himself that this doesn't interfere with non-Huffman
data. And I'm willing to test betas/git with Freeview HD.

> I used to have to patch the VDR core to get eit working here too. I
> must say, it's quite a pleasure to not have to maintain/fix it anymore
> now that I can just use EEPG. Even if you don't care about support for
> Freeview HD in EEPG, I don't see why you wouldn't just put your patch
> into a plugin and never have to hassle with fixing it again. I think
> most people prefer not to patch the VDR core at all when it can be
> avoided.

I think gaining enough understanding of VDR's architecture would be
harder for me. I don't often even have to re-apply the patch let alone
update it for an API change. Whenever there is an API change affecting
the patch it would probably affect an equvalent plugin too. In the old
days, when I used to compile developer versions instead of using Debian
packages, ISTM that the plugins needed changing at nearly every one of
Klaus' weekly updates, but no doubt the API is more stable now.

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