On Thu, Apr 10 2014, fnu wrote:

> If these kids are so little, why do they watch TV at all w/o parental
> advice

They watch a recording with parental advice.

> and why could there be a channel underneath showing something what the
> little ones shouldn't watch?

There is always a channel underneath, and the children shouldn't watch
anything after the recording.

> But kids are kids, doing whatever come to their minds, they can't be
> controlled all times. What may be sufficient is to implement a kind of PIN
> control, like on commercial receivers. A function where to set a white list
> of channels which can be watched w/o PIN and the list is then valid for
> recordings, too, where the source channel is also stored.

Complicated, and it doesn't solve the problem. I just prefer, that after
the replay nothing interesting appears on the screen, just black or
whatever. For now, the easiest solution is to use mplayer instead of

> But bed time is still human responsibility ... ;-)

"bed time" was just an example. The problem is more general.


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