> Problem: the children are watching a recording, and at the end VDR
> switches to normal live TV, that can be anything. I have to be there at
> the right moment to turn off the screen and the sound, in order to bring
> them to leave the tv-room.
> I would be nice, if VDR could turn off the sound at the end of a replay
> and show a still image (e.g. "Children, go to bed now!").
> What do you think about that?

You can do that already. Use the iptv plugin, create a channel that
shows a static picture, define that channel as the starting channel of
VDR. Now each time you start VDR it will show that picture. You go into
the recordings menu, and select the recording to playback. At the end,
playback stops, and the original channel showing the static picture is
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