Hi all, I just set up a couple of RPI's with the configuration of a
Raspberry Pi, rpihddevice and streamdev-client.

Works great but a couple of questions.

When I'm watching TV with one of the RPI's and want to move to the other
RPI, I cannot change the channel from what the first RPI was viewing.  I am
not sure how to tell streamdev to stop streaming so that I can watch TV on
the other RPI?  I hope I've been clear with that - it does sound a bit
confusing.  I know there is a mainmenu entry that says suspend server, but
it didn't seem to do anything, unless its done in the background.

In relation to this, the RPI doesn't have a power switch so shutting it
down is a pain because when you do the halt -p it doesn't actually power
off and in order to restart it you must cycle the power to the unit.

I'm interested to know what others have been able to accomplish with this
configuration to make it work better for them.  I've added a number of
plugins to improve the viewing pleasure and everything has been fast and

In regards to the rpihddevice I am seeing some tearing or 'flutter' when
there is high motion with 1080 HD.  Its not so bad that it isn't usable -
it most certainly works 99% of the time just fine.  The one feature I miss
with the rpihddevice that softhddevice had was the automatic zoom - hoping
that gets added to the wish list at some point.

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