> When I'm watching TV with one of the RPI's and want to move to the other
> RPI, I cannot change the channel from what the first RPI was viewing.  I am
> not sure how to tell streamdev to stop streaming so that I can watch TV on
> the other RPI?  I hope I've been clear with that - it does sound a bit
> confusing.  I know there is a mainmenu entry that says suspend server, but
> it didn't seem to do anything, unless its done in the background.

Especially for devices like Raspberry Pi it would be very nice to have kind of 
a "standby" function in VDR, which detaches active receivers and call an 
appropriate function on the primary device to suspend and blank the output. 
Then resuming VDR would only take a fraction of a second...

> In regards to the rpihddevice I am seeing some tearing or 'flutter' when
> there is high motion with 1080 HD.  Its not so bad that it isn't usable -
> it most certainly works 99% of the time just fine.  

Have you set the HDMI frame rate according your video format?

> The one feature I miss
> with the rpihddevice that softhddevice had was the automatic zoom - hoping
> that gets added to the wish list at some point.

I'm afraid this might take a while, since accessing the decoded image is not 
that easy, however possible. But rpihddevice supports the ScaleVideo() method, 
so in principle it's possible to do it manually.


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