VDR version 2.0.7 is now available at


A 'diff' against the previous version is available at


MD5 checksums:

090c6f5b75b4710e39528734ebf2dcc8  vdr-2.0.7.tar.bz2
035e2df20744f90d44017674521ebcd4  vdr-2.0.6-2.0.7.diff

This version fixes a few minor bugs that came up after the release of
version 2.0.6.

The changes since version 2.0.6:

- Fixed a possible division by zero in frame rate detection.
- Fixed a bug in the Makefile when installing plugins with LCLBLD=1 (thanks to
  Stefan Huelswitt).
- Fixed jumping to an absolute position via the Red key in case replay was 
  (reported by Dieter Ferdinand).
- Now returning from removing deleted recordings after at most 10 seconds, or 
if the
  user presses a remote control key, to keep the system from getting 
  when removing a huge number of files (reported by Dieter Ferdinand).
- Fixed generating the index file of an existing recording in case at the of a 
TS file
  there is less data in the buffer than needed by the frame detector. In such a 
  it was possible that frames were missed, and there was most likely a 
  when replaying that part of a recording. This is mostly a problem for 
recordings that
  consist of more than one *.ts file. Single file recordings could only lose 
  frames at their very end, which probably doesn't matter. At any rate, if you 
  generated an index file with VDR version 2.0.6 you may want to do so again 
with this
  version to make sure the index is OK.

Have fun!


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