> The question now is: is "bisect" the right word here, which a native English
> speaker would use? Or should it rather be "halve"? Or something completely
> different?

Bisect isn't correct. Bisecting means to cut something into 2 parts.
Using "halve" doesn't make sense. Binary doesn't either for that
matter. My suggestion is to call it "adaptive skipping".

"adaptive skip value":
Defines the how many seconds to skip forward/back when pressing 1/3.
Valid range is 10-600.

"adaptive skip alternate behavior":
If enabled, adaptive skipping will only adjust the adaptive skip value
with key presses that change the skip direction. Otherwise, the skip
value is halved with every key press.

"adaptive skipping reset":
Defines how long to wait without a key press before resetting the
adaptive skip value back to its original setting.

That to me describes what those do much better. Btw, the definitions
seemed like they could use a touch-up too so I threw in suggestions
for those as well. :)


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