Thanks for all the helpful responses.

The final verdict is:

  Initial duration for adaptive skipping (s) = 120
                         Defines the number of seconds to jump from the current 
                         position in either direction, when pressing the '1' or 
                         key for the first time after the "Reset timeout for 
                         The valid range is 10...600.

  Reset timeout for adaptive skipping (s) = 3
                         Defines the number of seconds after which pressing the
                         '1' or '3' key falls back to the "Initial duration for 
                         The valid range is 0...10. Setting the timeout to 0 
                         the adaptive mode and makes '1' and '3' always skip 
the number
                         of seconds configured as the initial duration.

  Alternate behavior for adaptive skipping = no
                         When skipping in adaptive mode with the '1' and '3' 
keys, the
                         distance of the skip is halved with every key press 
after the
                         first change of direction. While this allows for 
locating a
                         particular position in a recording very fast, once you 
                         one step too many in the current direction you have no 
                         of ever reaching the desired point any more. You will 
have to
                         wait for the timeout to occur and start adaptive 
skipping anew.
                         If this option is set to 'yes', the skip distance will 
only be
                         halved if the direction actually changes. That way, 
even if
                         you missed the target point, you can still back up to 


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