14.02.2015 23:17, Lucian Muresan kirjutas:
On 14.02.2015 19:53, VDR User wrote:
  At yavdr we use this feature to start X and vdr in parallel and attach 
softhddevice when X is ready.
  And you can restart X when softhddevice is detached.

Do you happen to know approx. how much startup time is saved doing this?

Another case where one would want to use that way to start softhddevice
is to be able to leave VDR running even when detaching softhddevice
output to switch to xbmc/kodi or anything else, to be able to let VDR do
recordings if necessary, or quickly switch back (of course, on a HTPC
setup all from the remote control).


It's exactly case that I have.


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