>We have no times for this isolated feature of starting X and vdr
>parallel, because we do more.
>We don't use lircd, but eventlircd, because eventlircd has not to wait
>until the remote devices are ready, so the vdr don't need to wait for
>them too.
>Many current dvb tuners need long time to get ready, sometimes because
>usb enumeration happens late, or firmware has to be loaded. For this
>Lars has invented the dynamite plugin that collects tuners when they are
>ready and gives them to the vdr.
>Other distributions have to wait with the vdr start till the last dvb
>tuner is ready. We don't wait for any of them. The vdr will show a
>picture when the first tuner comes ready. Of course it is very hardware
>related, but 10 seconds from bios post till live tv is possible. We had
>even some customized setups that did it in 6 seconds.
Hi Gerald,

This sounds great. What is the name of the distribution you are refering to?

Kind regards,

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