On 21.04.2015 07:41, Harald Milz wrote:
> I have been happily using vdr-sfxe on an NVidia ION board on Ubuntu 12.04 for
> quite a while (with a sufficiently high WAF factor :-) ) . But I haven't seen
> vdr-{sxfe,fbfe} in Raspbian lately.  Are there any ready to consume packages
> anywhere? Since the ION machine has been a bit unstable lately, I'd be more
> than willing to throw in my RPi that idles on my desk. 

fanless Zotac ION, vdr-sxfe, recently updated from 10.4 to Ubuntu 14.4
Thinking of RPi

Which kind of "instabilities"?
I do have problems with high Bandwidth HD channels (eg. ARD,ZDF no
problems on most others eg Servus)
I am now wondering whether
- this is related to new software (drivers, vdr, vdr-sxfe)
- maybe I did tweak parameters much more on first setup?
- or they were alway present, just didn't recognize because this client
is used mostly for watching news (no HD needed) and serves a beamer that
only recently got upgraded to HD.

I didn't really put effort into that since I think of going to RPi.
Maybe somebody with overview could give us potential RPi converts a
short list of pros and cons of the options.

@Gerlad: "Kodi and vnsi-addon + vdr and vnsi-server-plugin"
Does this provide the same features and feeling like vdr-sxfe?
Then OPENEÖLEC seems a simple path to go. (I would miss firefox though.
Is there a usable browser within Kodi?)


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