On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 03:15:08PM +0200, Patrick Boettcher wrote:
Is it technically possible to for example pause a
live SD TV stream and copy some files over the Ethernet at the same

Which scenario? VDR on RPI or on a remote? If VDR on a remote host, IIRC, pausing causes very few bandwidth as only a still image is displayed.

VDR client+server on the same RPi. I guess it is simply too much to ask of the poor RPi.

The pause is global to all connected clients to this vdr-remote. Yes,
you can connect several clients to one xineliboutput-vdr-host but they
will all have the same channel and OSD appearances displayed - IOW,
they are not independent.

I see, so it would not be a solution if you wanted to have independent clients connected to the same VDR (watching different recordings, for example).

Yes. IMHO, it is better to use RPI only as client with no harddisk.

It seems that vdr-fbfe could allow an inexpensive and small solution where a generic headless ARM-based NAS box acts as the server, and the RPi (attached on the back side of the TV) acts as the client. I guess that the server could simultaneously serve other clients via other plugins (such as the SmartTVweb plugin).


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