W dniu 2015-05-18 23:50, Klaus Schmidinger pisze:
On 18.05.2015 21:15, Marx wrote:
I've recently upgraded VDR and all my DVB-T channels has "OBSOLETE"
attached to the name. Is it already fixed?

Which version of VDR are you running?

What is the setting of "Setup/DVB/Update channels"?

Are there any log entries that might help?

I use 2.2.0-1~etobi4

UpdateChannels = 3

in log:

May 20 16:48:37 wuwek vdr: [10707] changing name of channel 61 from 'TVP1 HD,;OBSOLETE EmiTel' to 'TVP1 HD OBSOLETE,;OBSOLETE OBSOLETE EmiTel'


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