I want to use raspberry pi as if it were a graphic card : I mean the dvb devices on a PC style server, IR receiver preferably on the server too (rpi and server in the same room)

I don't know how to configure it, there is apparently 2 ways of doing it (from what I understood)

+ xineliboutput with vdr-fbfe (rpi plugin is closed source ? the one here : http://www.vdr-portal.de/board18-vdr-hardware/board98-arm-co/118588-rasperry-pi-xine-plugin/)

+ streamdev and rpihddevice (which additional plugins ?)

The second way seems to be more complicated to configure, and I'm not sure it suits my project, but the rpihddevice is well maintained though.

The first solution is perhaps much straightforward and includes a media player (?)

Could you tell me more please ?


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