> Date: Thu, 28 May 2015 19:19:13 +0200> From: bir...@free.fr
> To: vdr@linuxtv.org
> Subject: [vdr] Using a rasberry pi as vdr client
> Hi
> I want to use raspberry pi as if it were a graphic card : I mean the dvb 
> devices on a PC style server, IR receiver preferably on the server too 
> (rpi and server in the same room)
Considering your RPi is going to be the frontend, my best guess would that your 
IR receiver must beconnected to your RPi.
> I don't know how to configure it, there is apparently 2 ways of doing it 
> (from what I understood)
> + xineliboutput with vdr-fbfe (rpi plugin is closed source ? the one 
> here : 
> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board18-vdr-hardware/board98-arm-co/118588-rasperry-pi-xine-plugin/)
I don't have any experience with this solution, but I think I now have 
something to do this weekend ^^
> + streamdev and rpihddevice (which additional plugins ?)
> The second way seems to be more complicated to configure, and I'm not 
> sure it suits my project, but the rpihddevice is well maintained though.
The easiest way to get the 2nd solution running has to be the MiniDVBLinux 
distribution (http://www.minidvblinux.de/) for your RPi v1 or v2. While the 
site and parts of the software is in German, I was able to get it up and 
running quite easily.
> The first solution is perhaps much straightforward and includes a media 
> player (?)
That sounds correct.
> Could you tell me more please ?
Well, I really liked the MLD distro with my old RPi v1 and a MCE remote. The 
zapping speed was quite good andissues were minimal. Then again, I tested this 
like 3 months back; so my guess would be that there are quite a number of 
improvements made since I last tested this. 
> Damien
Niels Wagenaar                                    
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