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Hi Brian,

On 26 July 2015 at 08:40, Brian <brian_dorl...@t-online.de> wrote:
just a quick question about the script, which I use every day.

I need to merge XML data from 2 sources for my VDR. I tried just
running the script twice, but I see that it clears VDR's EPG at the
start. So that does not work.

First attempt was to remove the clear EPG instruction (CLRE I
think), that is not a good idea.

So now I am left with 2 alternatives:

1. Use two versions of the script, the first to run with the CLRE
in, the second to run without the CLRE in. A version where the CLRE
could be skipped due to an input parm would be a great

2. Somehow merge the XML input files and then run the script just
once. I'll try that today, maybe that will work

Maybe you have an idea for a solution that I am missing
Unfortunately I no longer have a copy of the script available to
remind myself, but it should be simple enough to allow it to accept
multiple .xml files as arguments and read-in each of them in turn.
You might have a look at the "newer" vdr-plugin-xmltv2vdr, which can
also import xmltv files into the vdr. I am currently using it to import
two different xmltv files into the vdr.



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Hi, I tried that twice now and both times hit problems that
I could not solve. IIRC the support was virtually non-existent.
and no logging to help either.
So I went back to this solution. It has always worked OK for me.

As the easiest solution I now have two .pl files, one has the
CLRE commented out. So first run is with CLRE, second run is
without CLRE. As both runs are called from a single script file this
solution works OK for me.


Cheers and thanks for the suggestions everyone.

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