You mention converting subtitles from DVD to DVB - have you had any
success converting from old VDR 1.6 format (.vdr files) with subtitles ?

I'd like to convert my old VDR recordings to ts but extracting the
subtitles is a problem, only ProjectX will do it as far as I can find,
and the timing is out, plus sub colours don't translate across.


On 8/12/2015 21:14, Thomas Reufer wrote:
> Hi Stephan
> I started to convert my disks (DVD and BluRay) to VDR recordings and for me, 
> the most convenient tool to remux into TS format is tsMuxeR:
> With ffmpeg I had the same issues when muxing H264 streams. But ffmpeg is 
> still my choice if I have to convert any of the stream. E.g. getting rid of 
> black bars or convert subtitles from DVD to DVB format.
> Regards,
> Thomas

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