Hi list,

I'm facing a problem with the following configuration:

- VDR on a Raspi2 (raspian with packages from e-tobi)
- Digital Devices' Octopus Net with 2 DVB-S2 receivers

I'm using vdr-plugin-satip with the following arguments:

-s <host>|DVBS2-2|Octo -d 2

Everything works fine. Except that after some time streaming on
SD-channels seems to stop. Zapping to a HD-channels works.

When trying to receive a non-working SD-stream I can see, via the
satip-config-menu, that no PIDs seem to be delivered.

Restarting the vdr-process (via the menu) works.

While trying to understand the problem I have the feeling that zapping
to non-existent services makes it appear faster. Not sure though.

Is this a known issue?

What can I do to better analyse the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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