Am 11.01.2016 um 17:21 schrieb Chris R.:
> Hello
> i have got a rpi2 + dvb-t tuner that run under openelec 6 and VDR for the TV.
> This system work well and i would now import external EPG data...
> i read several thread about xmltv2vdr and it isn't so clear for me :
> - i was thinking of download xmltv file from internet (kazer.org 
> <http://kazer.org> for france) with a cron task
> - and use xmltv2vdr to import the downloaded file into VDR
> Is it possible to do like this ?

 It should be. Have a look at


 It's an add on for the xmltv2vdr plugin, which downloads data from 
epgdata.com, transform the xml files into the xmltv
format and pipes it into the plugin. In the plugin you define at which time of 
day new data should be downloaded, so you
don't have to use an external cron job.
 You have to modify the source according to you epg-source and adjust the 
mapping to the channels.

 Or you can use the "file" import, but I don't have any experience with that. 
If the README doesn't help, you must read
the source...


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