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> Hi,
> Am 11.01.2016 um 17:21 schrieb Chris R.:
> > Hello
> > 
> > i have got a rpi2 + dvb-t tuner that run under openelec 6 and VDR
> > for the TV. This system work well and i would now import external
> > EPG data...
> > 
> > i read several thread about xmltv2vdr and it isn't so clear for me :
> > 
> > - i was thinking of download xmltv file from internet (kazer.org
> > <http://kazer.org> for france) with a cron task
> > 
> > - and use xmltv2vdr to import the downloaded file into VDR
> > 
> > Is it possible to do like this ?
>  It should be. Have a look at
> https://projects.vdr-developer.org/git/vdr-plugin-xmltv2vdr.git/tree/dist/epgdata2xmltv
>  It's an add on for the xmltv2vdr plugin, which downloads data from
> epgdata.com, transform the xml files into the xmltv format and pipes
> it into the plugin. In the plugin you define at which time of day new
> data should be downloaded, so you don't have to use an external cron
> job. You have to modify the source according to you epg-source and
> adjust the mapping to the channels.
>  Or you can use the "file" import, but I don't have any experience
> with that. If the README doesn't help, you must read the source...
> Lars.


epgdata2xmltv is not going to help the original poster very much,
because it only contains few french channels and the fact, that he is
interested in kazer.org indicates that he is mainly looking for EPG of
french channels. 

It would be great if xmltv2vdr could also provide a grabber for


In the meantime, you might try to create it by yourself: You need a
control file, that tells the xmltv2vdr plugin what channels to import. 

Then you need an executable in /usr/bin with the same name as the
control file that downloads the data. In fact, xmltv2vdr calls that
excutable to download the data when it wants to import it. (The
executable should also transform the names in the kazer.org file to a
standard, but you can skip that step and work with the channel id in
the kazer.org file.) 

Once xmltv2vdr imports the data, you have to do another step: by using
the OSD of VDR, you have to tell the xmltv2vdr plugin in its settings
which channel-id from the kazer.org file corresponds to what channel on
the VDR. 

You can find more information here: 


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