I'm using a somewhat similar config to yours, though different receivers
(PCTV Nanostick 290e for DVB-T2, and very old "WideView USB DVB-T").  I
too have had problems with streaming live TV to Kodi for many, many
versions.  As you have noted, no issues recording, and no issues playing
back recordings,  it's just live TV streaming that's the problem, and
usually only after a few minutes of watching, not immediately (so
perhaps testers haven't noticed), and a bit worse in HD
unsurprisingly.   But I never see buffer or driver errors in the logs -
no errors from vnsi in fact, so I think in my case it's purely a Kodi
issue, perhaps something to do with PTS time stamps, and/or buffer
synchronisation.  It works very well, aside from live TV - just waiting
for a Kodi version that solves this issue.

One of the things that the vnsi developer said to do set this in the VDR

vnsiserver.AvoidEPGScan = 1

It prevents interruptions during streaming. It certainly helps, but not
a 100% fix.

I don't know where PLAYERBUFSIZE is - Kodi config file - which one?


On 7/02/2016 07:18, Harald Milz wrote:
> OK - I think I have a stable configuration now, albeit weird. 
> - I upgraded the mobo BIOS to -latest, to no avail (hoping this would change
>   the MSI interrupt behaviour, but it only appears to add some more CPU
>   support. But you never know, BIOS changelogs haven't been well known for
>   being particularly verbose.)
> - I set pci=msi - no change. Will change this back to default for the next
>   reboot
> - I enlarged PLAYERBUFSIZE (and RECORDERBUFSIZE to be sure) to 50 megs, and
>   voilĂ , the setup has been stable for the last 4 days or so. I know this only
>   cures the symptom IF the buffer logic has an actual problem
> OK, the WAF has been saved for now, but the fix still does not explain why the
> buffer overrun problem only occurs when watching live TV with vnsiserver and
> kodi, and can only be cured by rebooting the machine. So ... :-/ 

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