On Sun, Feb 07, 2016 at 12:34:17PM +0000, Richard F wrote:
> One of the things that the vnsi developer said to do set this in the VDR
> config
> vnsiserver.AvoidEPGScan = 1
> (

Now that you mention it - I also see interruptions sometimes when Kodi appears
to update its timers. That is, when it scans through the timer list,
displaying the respective message windows bottom left. Sometimes, live
streaming just crashes, and needs to be restarted manually. 

I'll give AvoidEPGScan = 1 a try - thank you! 

> I don't know where PLAYERBUFSIZE is - Kodi config file - which one?

No, that's in vdr:

dvbplayer.c:#define PLAYERBUFSIZE  MEGABYTE(1)


recorder.c:#define RECORDERBUFSIZE  (MEGABYTE(10) / TS_SIZE * TS_SIZE) //
multiple of TS_SIZE

Please not that it really cures only the symptom. If there is a problem with
filling any emptying the buffer, leading to an overrun, then it will
eventually happen, no matter what the size is. So far, I haven't seen this
yet with 50 megs each. 

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