Hi all,

My new Raspberry Pi2 install lacks a media player, which begins to be a
bit annoying. The current setup :
* NFS server
* DigitalDevices Octopus Net DVB network server
* VDR + rpihddevice + satip on the Pi2 : live TV, timers, recordings,
* an old VDR instance on the NFS server plays MKV media (using
xinelibouput), but lacks satip (no timers, no live TV anymore)

I will upgrade the old VDR to act as a headless epg/timer/recording
server. I will thus be unable to play the MKV media on it (headless).

What's the recommended light way to play MKV videos on the Pi2 from
within VDR ?
Adding XBMC on the Pi2 seems a bit too heavy.
The mplayer plugin seem very old and may not work neatly with the
rpihddevice output.
Maybe simply moving the MKV files inside the recordings tree, and
creating a vdr index for each work in some way.

(I use the MLD distribution (http://www.minidvblinux.de/) on the Pi2,
but the forums are all in german, which is a real problem for me...)



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