Am 2016-02-09 22:55, schrieb VDR User:
You don't need to bother with Kodi (unless you actually want to use
it). VDR + the mplayer plugin work perfectly fine. There's no point in
unnecessarily complicating a persons setup if that's not what they
I know nothing in OpenELEC that is complicating a persons setup, what do
you have in mind?
At least his current setup is complicated enough so that he has no idea
what to do next.

He has no idea what to do next because he lacks information, not
because his setup is complicated. And, any time you bundle additional
software along with all of the dependencies that come with it, it's
just more to maintain and more that can break. What sense does that
make when all he wants to do is play mkvs? Kodi is completely
unnecessary, surely you agree.

No, absolutely not. The setup of OpenELEC is much less complicated and dependencies are no problem. The vdr-addon and the vnsi-addon gets installed by some clicks on the remote and a first channel scan
needs only some clicks more.

The raspberry pi has superior HDMI-CEC support that is used automatically by Kodi, so in most cases there is even no need for an IR receiver and an extra remote. The remote of the TV is just enough. That
simplifies the setup even more.

The topic is about playing .mkv. That is just a container. What about the used codecs? In the upcoming OpenELEC 0.7 there will even be support of H265 on the RPi. The Kodi GUI has no problems with playing 3D content.
Is this working with your solution too?


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